Oregon Seed Council

Legislative Priorities

Protecting a world-class industry
There are several legislative proposals this session that could directly affect Oregon’s grass seed farmers. Oregon grass seed farms are vital to the economy and good for Oregon’s environment. It is important to consider carefully how proposed legislation could affect this vital industry.

Pesticide restrictions
The Oregon Seed Council supports Oregon’s pesticide pre-emption law which limits the ability of local governments to regulate the use of pesticides. Our producers, regardless of which local jurisdiction they farm in, have the right to equal regulations of the use of pesticides. We will oppose any attempt to change this law or any law that would allow for non-statewide rules on the use of pesticides.

Other right to farm issues

  • The Oregon Seed Council supports bills that may be introduced this session that strengthen the right to farm statutes, including laws that provide protection from third-party lawsuits, loser-pays-attorney-fees laws, and laws that protect the right to operate agricultural vehicles on public roads.
  • The Council does not support streamside no-touch buffers, further odor and dust regulation, or restrictions on slow-moving agriculture vehicles.